April 19, 2011

Samaipata: the missing piece of Santa Cruz

Located in the buttresses of the Cordillera Oriental, Samaipata, which in Quechua means Rest in the heights, is another destination that no tourist can jump on a tour of Bolivia. It is just 120 km from Santa Cruz de la Sierra and two hours drive from here. Its height is approximately 1650 meters (5413 ft.) with a population of 9739 people between Bolivians and foreigners from different countries. 

The journey starts in Oruro square, located at Av. Grigota and "3er anillo" in Santa Cruz City, where taxis and minibuses go to this location, the price is about Bs. 25 ($us. 4), but may vary depending on passenger demand . On the way you can see how the landscape and vegetation change from the eastern plains and the mountains as we approach Samaipata. 

Road to Samaipata
Two hours later you reach the town itself where there are hotels of all price, restaurants with typical food and stores to stock up, you can visit the town for shopping, watch the architecture or eat and then go out to visit nearby strong, a waterfall to bathe, Amboró National Park, Bella Vista and others. 

To visit the fort, you can hire a taxi, rent a horse or just walk to the place that is not far away. On the way mountains are capricious ways, the people and the Natural Reserve. From the entrance are available for the tour guides through this huge rock where once the Incas and other pre-Columbian cultures settled. 

The villagers also recommend visiting some waterfalls that are more or less near the main road where there are wells and swimming pools to cool, giant ferns, unique animals and insects and a variety of vegetation.

A little further away is the Amboró National Park and Bella Vista, to visit there are excursions in town and run along the south of the site or taxis. It is necessary to ask first because conditions can change depending on the season. They are ideal places to observe plant and animal wealth in the area.

Muela del Diablo (Wisdom Tooth), Amboró Park

Also in Google Earth => Samaipata.kmz

For this trip it is advisable to bring sunscreen, insect repellent, walking shoes, cash because there is no cash, loose clothing with sleeves and mesh into the water.

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