April 24, 2011

Villa Tunari, in the heart of Bolivia

Villa Tunari is known for being the gateway to the tropical Chapare and Cochabamba. To reach this city must descend from the mountains of Corani over 3600 meters (11800 ft) to reach 300 meters (984 ft), passing through the spurs of the Cordillera Oriental and many other places where nature remains intact. With a population of 4000 inhabitants, Villa Tunari is established as an important city for tourism and trade.

It is 166 km (104 mi) from Cochabamba and 312 km (195 mi) from Santa Cruz so the trip can be on the move itself or by bus from both Cochabamba and Santa Cruz. The passage to this place round the 30 to 40 Bs (6 - 7 $us) depending on the season, buses leave from the lagoon Alalay although it can take a bus interdepartmental and stay in this place.

Once there are many places to stay, ranging from 20 Bs (3 $us) to luxury suites in first class hotels. You can also hire guides for tours of the parks, rivers or learn to navigate the most visited sites.

The restaurants offer first being its specialty fish dishes in place as the pacu, surubí and gold, but also offers local and international cuisine.

Parks Machia and Carrasco National Park are close to Villa Tunari, in both there are game reserves where you can live with animals, trees and shrubs do not found elsewhere and hike in direct contact with nature. Even in the Parque Machia is a shelter for animals in captivity and in danger of extinction with prices from Bs 4 (50 cents).  There are also canoeing and kayaking, Jungle and Lizards are parks with vines and trees.

Also in Google Earth => Villa Tunari.kmz

For the trip is advisable to wear sunscreen, hat, insect repellent, light clothing and comfortable shoes, closed.

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